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Safety is one of Embarque’s core values. To this end, we maintain the most stringent safety standards and service policies to ensure that only the most trustworthy, skilled and professional drivers in the industry drive our passengers. From meticulous selection procedures and careful background screening, to intensive training, and constant performance monitoring, Embarque goes above and beyond to deliver the highest levels of safety, security, and professionalism for every customer3.

Embarque is a proud corporate partner and supporter of Brake, the road safety charity.

Brake-12-logoEstablished in 1995, BRAKE is a global charity that operates internationally from its bases in the UK and New Zealand. BRAKE exists to promote awareness of road safety issues and road crash victims through a variety of services and campaigns. BRAKE also provides support services for people bereaved and injured in road crashes and the professionals who care for them, including emergency service providers. BRAKE also organizes international conferences on key topics such as speeding and impaired driving as well as facilitating safety services for schools and other organisations.

Every year BRAKE coordinates Road Safety Week, inviting participation of corporations (particularly those interested in managing their road risk through operation of fleets, like Embarque), emergency services, schools and other sectors. For more information please visit


Embarque is working with Brake, Carey, and our drivers to implement the Pledge 2 Drive Safely Campaign covering key safety related aspects of our driving activities, including:

Slow - Adherence to speed limits and driving at a speed appropriate to the conditions
Sober - zero tolerance of alcohol, illegal drugs, or medication which may impair driving abilities
Sharp - Ensuring that our executive mini-cabs are alert and ready to drive safely
Silent - adherence to the law and our own internal regulations on the use of mobile phone
Secure - use of seat belts for our executive mini-cabs and passengers.
Sustainable - in conjunction with our environmental training, avoid unnecessary driving to reduce pollution.
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