Environmentally Friendly Executive Mini-cab Service


Our choice in vehicles is as unique as our service.

Embarque is not your typical car service, so why should our fleet be made up of the same old minicabs or MPVs? The Embarque fleet is based on the idea of providing safe, stylish, and ecofriendly transportation at affordable prices. In order to accomplish this, we have opted not to define Embarque through the use of a single vehicle make or model, but instead to express our fleet as a class of vehicle s that meets a rigorously enforced set of criteria worldwide. Our customers are guaranteed a vehicle from the short list of Embarque approved fleet

In London, Embarque features a fleet of late model Toyota Prius + Hybrid MPVs, while In the United States Embarque offers the Standard Fuel and Petrol/Electric Hybrid Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion sedans.

  • Embarque will continue to investigate new vehicle models as manufacturers continue to improve upon fuel-efficiency and design.

  • The Embarque fleet consists of vehicles less than three years old, which are subjected to frequent safety, mechanical, and presentation inspections.

  • All Embarque vehicles are smoke free and are frequently inspected for cleanliness as well as performance.

  • Embarque's fleet is certified CarbonNeutral by the CarbonNeutral Company. We have invested in carbon offset projects that reduce the carbon footprint of our operation in London to net zero.

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